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What Shapes Our Belief

The Broward Church is a ministry of the South Florida Church of Christ and we are a diverse community that genuinely cares about the needs of all people from all generations and from all walks of life. And more than anything else, we are a community of people that love Jesus. We have decided that we do not want to be a church for ourselves, but instead a church that lives our lives for Jesus. We believe that His sacrifice and love for us is the best motivation that we have. In return, we are compelled to live this life for Him and for others in the hope that many will have the chance to respond to His love too.

With changing times and changing needs, we try to offer people a place to genuinely engage with the good news that Jesus offers without the need to conform to rigid traditions or extra-biblical expectations that get in the way of a real faith. Through the availability of flexible community groups and a sincere consideration for all the needs of our members and visitors, we hope that anyone can feel welcome with us.

We believe that the best way for us to grow is by getting smaller. We have launched small community groups to grow the spiritual health of individuals. We also believe that this is the best and healthiest way to grow the membership of our church family. Belonging to something is a consequence of real engagement, real partnership, and ownership. We believe that providing people a place where they are personally known and cared for on an individual level and given the chance to do the same for their own group is one of the best ways to help them grow personally and spiritually.

Our Belief

You may be asking, “What does the Broward Church believe?”
Here are the core beliefs to which we hold:

  • The Bible is inspired by God and is our sole authority.
  • Everyone should know God personally.
  • Mankind is lost and must be born again.
  • Disciples of Jesus form God’s church.
  • God commands His disciples to be unified.
  • The church must reflect God’s mercy.

With a membership of more than 1,200 members, the South Florida Church of Christ (SFCC) stretches from Homestead in Miami-Dade County to Port St. Lucie in St. Lucie County. Jesus’ words to “Go make disciples of all nations” is the Broward Region’s driving force. Our church community strives to glorify God and to minister to the diverse, multicultural population of Broward County.

It is our sincere hope that the time you spend with us will enhance your desire to draw close to God and “worship in spirit and in truth” (John 4: 24). We believe that through the prayers and singing, communion and fellowship, and the preaching of God’s word, you have come to a church not for ourselves, that desires to be a blessing to all nations.

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