Who Are We?

Church can be a confusing choice these days, especially without knowing what to expect from all the options that are out there. We’d like to simplify things with this invite: Join us, The Broward Church, to experience what the gospel means on both an intellectual and relational level. Even better, you can do this a number of ways. From Sunday worship services to community groups to personal Bible studies, we offer many resources to meet your immediate needs in a convenient way. We want to be a vital part of our community. We hope that your experience with us will help you to know better the love, hope and joy that comes from a community of people who love Jesus.

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Davie & Cooper City

Everyone who lives here knows that Davie & Cooper City are very desirable places to live and great places to raise a family. These communities have over 130,000 residents combined. With good schools, nice neighbors and plenty of involvement this place has it all. Still, even in a place that’s as great as this is, it can be easy to lose your direction or to just feel unconnected.

At the Broward Church, we like to help the people of all nearby cities feel like they are a part of a larger community. Our faith in Christ helps us to foster a sense of inclusiveness and belonging. That’s why our invitation to Davie & Cooper City residents to attend any of our services or ministries is always open.

Families in this thriving community benefit from wonderful public schools like Davie & Cooper City High School. These highly rated academic institutions are known for producing thoughtful, caring adults who become productive and valuable members of society. Nonetheless, the teen years are rarely easy ones. It’s nice to think that the young adults of this city have a safe, reliable place where they can go to enjoy social gatherings, have a little fun and develop a deeper understanding of the Bible. Our annual Florida teen camp is another example of how we provide a safe and fun environment for the youth from around Florida to build deeper with each other and discover who they are in Christ.

Of course, the Broward Church is geared to provide help, support, and fellowship for the whole family. From the littlest tykes to the most senior member of your clan, you’ll all find something to love in our community. Let us supplement your involvement in the surrounding Davie and Cooper City communities. We love to get involved, and we bet you will too.

We at the Broward Church welcome our neighbors from all surrounding communities to visit us to see how warm and welcoming our fellowship is.

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